e v e n t u a l
i n f i n i t y

electronic music production.

mixing & mastering.


mixing and mastering.

You’re in the final stages of preparing your music and it's nearly ready for world to hear it.  These last steps are critical to make sure your music is well received and comes across as intended.

Mixing, mastering, sound design, advice - whatever.  I’m committed to working with you until you’re happy with the final product.  Whether it's getting your music to sound clear and punchy, lofi and dreamy or distorted and hazy - I can help you get where it needs to be.  

Tell me about your project and let me know what you want to achieve.  

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electronic musician.

eventual infinity is a solo electronic music project started in 2017.  

The moniker is an umbrella for all my work within various internet and electronic music genres.  I have over 10 years of electronic music production experience and have worked with artists from a wide variety of genres and styles.

What started as writing and performing original music has grown into helping others on their musical journey.  I'm specialized in music production like mixing, sound design and mastering.  It's very satisfying for me to solve complex audio puzzles, so please reach out if you have a mix or master you're struggling with.

The thing I love the most about music is watching people light up when I perform live.  Connecting with others and the community that music creates is truly special.  Let me bring my special blend of styles to your next show or stream.


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